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Propartner activate Talents

Ingenieur und Auszubildende Planung CNC Maschinen Projekt

There is a good reason to choose propartner: you are always the centre of our attention. The competent employees at our agencies will discover and awaken your strengths. And what could be better than doing what you are really good at?!

Our recruitment consultants take time for you and our clients. We will not only provide you with the ideal employment for your talents, we will also foster them. After all, we would like to be an appealing employer for you and have you join us for the long term. We offer fair conditions, from permanent contracts to temporary or student contracts. As part of the globally active Groupe Crit, propartner offers professional structures and networks.

You will be successful because you have a great job; we will be happy because we have done our job well; and our clients will be happy because they were able to convince you to join their company.


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