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Tips for applications

An application is the first impression you leave on an employer. Put yourself skilfully into the limelight and score points with potential employers!

Here's how to do it:

  1. Make sure your speeling is perfect
    It may sound obvious and trivial, but no one likes reading an application full of errors. It not only leaves the impression that you lack education, it also looks careless. Print out your application and read it through carefully before you send it.
  2. Be honest
    Only include abilities and experience that you really have in your application. During a job interview, at the very latest, false information and exaggerations will lead to disappointment and a rejection.
  3. Be committed
    Do you really want the job but lack some of the requirements? Then write down why you are the right person for your “dream job”. That shows commitment!
  4. State youre expectations
    Do you have specific expectations for your new job, e.g. regarding work hours or additional compensation? Then state them clearly and concisely. It’s always better to clarify these requirements up front to avoid disappointment later on.
  5. Avoid gaps in your CV
    If your CV has a six-year gap, the HR manager will wonder why. So it’s best to ensure your application is as conclusive as possible. That way you leave a good impression.
  6. Soft skills count
    Do you have special skills that are not related to the professional requirements of the job but are still important for your work? For example, being a good listener or motivator? Then be sure to include these strengths in your application!
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